2024 Suwanee Basketball Club Spring Season

Program Philosophy

We believe that there are lifelong lessons found in participating in team sports. Our mission, goal and passion is to empower your child to experience, grow and embrace these lessons through our SBC Family concepts which include:

  1. The special bond that is created within our SBC Family to strive together to achieve a common goal
  2. The intensity of competition; the thrill, the joy and the disappointments
  3. The sense of triumph that arises from overcoming adversity 
  4. The satisfaction that comes from the pursuit of excellence
  5. The sense of accomplishment that comes from the mastery of discipline 

We want our players to be prepared with the tools to succeed on and off the court and we will provide them with a platform to be successful. We encourage our players to work hard in the classroom as well as on the court. Our players will have the mindset of what it takes to be a student athlete.

The SBC coaching staff is experienced and understands the importance of individual development and team play. As teachers of the game of basketball and life, we will help prepare our players for the experiences they will encounter. We will work hard to ensure that our players are prepared for each game with the necessary training so they can succeed and play to their full potential. The SBC staff wants all of our players to be active, work hard for their SBC Family and accept everything in a positive mindset.